8th Moving Anthropology Student Network Conference

Anthropological Trajectories

Saint Patrick's College, Maynooth
20th - 22nd August 2010

The Call For Papers is currently closed.

As the extension and articulation of ethnographic insights, anthropological thought has traditionally given spacetime and spatiotemporal metaphors an elemental role in its concepts and stances. Either implicitly or explicitly, approaches to the study of human populations, the structures that fashion them, and the meanings that circulate within and across them tend to crystallise some notion of how spatial configurations and temporal linkages operate in the definition of lived experience.

When we work with such notions as "local," "global," or "transnational," their spatiotemporal implications are foregrounded and explicit. Even such classical concepts as "ethnos," "kinship," and "tradition," likewise allude to spatial and temporal relationships. As ethnographic methodologies increasingly move away from a paradigm of limited locality and standard models of the "field," movement and flow have come to the fore as organising principles for the practice and advancement of anthropology. Such notions similarly constitute the fundamental concerns and scope of MASN as an organisation.

Questions as to the transmission of capital, commodities, ideas, words, images, bodies, blood and pathogens all receive attention in the anthropological literature. Themes that emphasise transit, change and transformation are now central to the topographies of anthropological research, as is the appreciation of how such transfers and transpositions at once constitute and play out in the phenomena we study. Given such concentrations, it is furthermore imperative that we also consider both the structures that give rise to these movements and the effects that result.

The theme of "Anthropological Trajectories" effectively seizes on the centrality of literal and metaphorical accounts of spatiality and temporality, privileging the (virtual as well as actual) paths drawn out by phenomena as they move and evolve historically within culture, society and economy. These pathways not only manifest in, but also constitute the sociocultural systems we as anthropologists seek to understand.


MASN Ireland invites students at all levels to submit papers, workshops, roundtables and fringe events (e.g. ethnographic film, photography, music) that broadly address one or more of the following sub-themes:

(1) Trajectories of Transmission and Circulation
- What is circulated? What forces cause these circulations? Through what channels are discourses, ideologies, commodities transmitted? How do these media evolve in relation to global technologies?

(2) Articulations of Theory and Practice
- What is the scope of anthropological theory? How has this evolved historically? What changes have come about in how we gather data? Where is the field and how do we get there?

(3) Health and the Distribution of Capital
- How do pathogens circulate? How does disease affect social relations? What can anthropology say about the relationship between health and capital? What impact can we have on these issues?

(4) Human Movements and Migrations
- What are the meanings of migratory movements? What are the routes along which human flows occur? How is global migration affecting the way we think about economy, language, and culture?


NB The official working language of the conference is English.


We are now accepting applications from those of you wishing to attend the conference as listeners, i.e., non-presenters.

You can download the application form below and forward the completed form to us by email at by Friday 25th June 2010.

The price for listeners will cover accommodation on the nights of the 20th and 21st of August, as well as the majority of meals for the duration of the conference.

Listener Application Form

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